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Sampo’s Brain in a Long-Term Test

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Sampo’s meditating brain on test

Notice:  Please bear in mind that this study applies only to me as there were no other participants following exactly the same scheme. This is a Sampo-only test.

I took part to a test in which the brains of the participants were analyzed with qEEG metering before and after four months of meditation. The study was being conducted by a very professional team of two researchers running a company called BrainMind Science ( . These gentlemen have written more than a hundred scientific articles on neuroscience, published on many of the leading scientific publications around the world. So there is knowledge around these guys.

Meditation does good

The basic test revealed a clear improvement gained from the meditation. For me that was a no-brainer. Most participants showed improvements in several of the key areas of brain activity, even though all of them could not follow the proposed meditation schedule. For me the process turned out a bit differently.

Long-Term test for me

As I have already meditated for several years I decided to alter my test a bit. I chose to have my brain scanned several times a year and I would do some basic changes in my life style between each measurement session. The first metering served as a basis for comparison and it was done almost a year ago in 2013. The state of my brain was reasonably ok, considering my daily workload when running a media production agency serving some global corporations. The spread was still reasonable, thanks to daily meditation. I had cut down the meditation to only once a day as the idea is to increase and alter meditation pattern later in the test.


Time for a Paleo diet

The second metering revealed the effect of a paleo diet that I tried to follow. Most of the parameters showed clear improvement as you can see on the figure 2. While the change was clear, I cannot state that the change is only thanks to the diet. It was springtime and just that fact as such usually has an impact on a human mind. My own hunch is that the paleo diet does good to me.

Figure 2

Sampo goes veggie

The next phase was to turn the diet to a fully veggie one. Even though I did not manage to follow it completely, I tried my best. As this period was also a period of active business life and the challenges it had I cannot blame only the diet for the deteriorated results. The pattern was clear, though. (figure 3)


Time for my pills

The next phase was to include food supplements and vitamins, according to the proposal of the brain scientists. I walked to the local nutrition supplement store and found out the prescribed load of pills to be an expensive one. I expected it to be a valuable one as well. And so it was, all the figures turned out to have improved, as seen in figure 4. It looks like the food that we normally eat has lost its nutrition value, thanks to the power farming and optimization of the production chain. Anyway, the results were close to the Paleo diet sequence.


Higher vibrations

But the most important part in the last measurement session was when I asked the researchers to conduct another, additional metering. I had an idea of raising my vibration while they were running their measuring equipment. The researchers were wondering about the process of  “raising the vibration of my body”. This is something I nowadays tend to allow to happen when meditating. It just happens to go like that.

How do I vibrate?

I learned to raise my vibration several years ago in India when on a Yoga course of Yogi Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. At that time I did not really “get it” as I was only on my first steps of my spiritual path. Several years later, after learning more about Meditation and Yoga at the Chopra Center, it dawned on me that I can actually do the same thing with intention only. I can trigger the higher vibration of both the physical and energetic bodies by first increasing my heart beat with some 20-30 beats per minute. This actually happens in seconds. After that the vibration usually remains on a higher level with minimal effort. The last phase was just “letting go” which is always a bit euphoric state, just like in meditation, after you “loose your body”, very nice indeed.

And the results were…

After the session the researchers were very excited about the first impression they saw on the screens. After several weeks of analyzing the data they finally delivered the long-awaited report and it was very interesting indeed!

Let me just quote some of the conclusions they write:

“Thus, observed changes in the configuration and dynamics of brain rhythms during the first phase of “vibration meditation” (V1) suggest increase in the vigilance level, shift to automatic acquisition of biologically important goals, thought process disintegration and emotional arousal. Second phase of “vibration meditation” (V2) was characterized by increased activity in the Behavioral Inhibition System with simultaneous increase in the subjective experience of thoughtless harmony, pleasure and a high degree of mental clarity and emotional stability, as well as increased feelings of inner peace, security and self-awareness.”

I rest my case. Even though this “research” is very limited (it was just me in it) and it  cannot be considered a true clinical study, I believe you understand why meditation and the higher vibration feels so good and does so good to my brain and body. Now there is some scientific evidence for the curious. For me it is still the pure Soul level harmony that fuels and ignites me.

Thank You, God. Thank You.



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